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Sleep Issues

Sleep issues in children can significantly impact their health and well-being, manifesting in a variety of ways, including difficulty falling asleep, night terrors, snoring, and sleep apnea. These problems can lead to daytime fatigue, trouble concentrating, and behavioral issues. Interestingly, orthodontics can play a crucial role in identifying and rectifying these sleep issues.

Making a healthy start

The HealthyStart System represents a breakthrough in oral appliance therapy, fostering natural growth and development to tackle the root causes of Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB). Studies have demonstrated that oxygen deprivation due to SDB significantly contributes to various childhood health issues mentioned earlier.

Designed with precision, the HealthyStart® System encourages the appropriate development of the jaw and airway, optimizing airflow and facilitating proper nasal breathing, all while aligning your child’s teeth. As this development occurs, many symptoms associated with Sleep Disordered Breathing tend to fade away. When children breathe correctly, their learning, growth, and blossoming into their full genetic potential come naturally, just as nature intended!

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Long Term Help For Sleep Issues

It’s unfortunate that many children grappling with the aforementioned health issues are being administered powerful medications without addressing potential root causes. Our practice can evaluate your child to ascertain if there’s an issue with their breathing or sleep. To begin this initial assessment, please complete the sleep and speech questionnaire.

Healthy Start not only targets the root cause of Sleep Disorder Breathing, it also straightens your child’s teeth without the need for braces. What’s more, when the treatment commences early, the beautiful smiles crafted by the HealthyStart Appliance System are less likely to need further adjustments!

Every Child Deserves a Healthy Start! HealthyStart Appliances come with FDA clearance, are BPA, Silicone and Latex Free, ISO Certified, and recognized as a Health Canada Class II Medical-Grade Device. Treatment with the HealthyStart Appliance System, which fosters natural growth and development, is safe and effective. Being non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical, pain-free, and non-invasive, it’s soft and comfortable, worn at night (or as directed) to help parents with children affected by Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders, restricted airway, and crowded or crooked teeth.


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